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I just signed up for AdSense, Google’s ad program.  NoDivisions gets about 150-200 unique visitors per day and I’m curious to see if that is at all monetizable.  Right now I’ve placed the ad-box at the bottom of the navigation pane; I plan to leave it there for a few weeks, then move it higher up for a few weeks to see if/how that affects the click-through rate.  But I doubt I’ll be happy with it at the very top of the nav section, before any of the actual navigational elements, so I may switch to a 3-column layout to have a little more flexibility there.

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01. Jun 20, 2006 at 11:12am by Kev:

I’ve been using AdSense since early last year, and it is indeed monetizable. I can’t say how much I’ve earned due to Google’s Terms of Service, but let’s just say it works. I have small, (mostly) unobtrusive ads on all of my sites... Are you going to put it on Encodable’s pages also?

02. Jun 20, 2006 at 11:35am by Anthony:

Yeah, the AdSense TOS are pretty severe.

I may put them on Encodable; it depends on how well they do here.  I kind of don’t want to because I think on a business site it tarnishes the image to some extent, so they’ll have to do really well here on ND for me to consider putting them on Encodable.

Can you say how many unique visitors you get per day?

03. Jun 20, 2006 at 03:05pm by Kev:

Quoting Anthony:

Yeah, the AdSense TOS are pretty severe.

I don’t want to get in trouble with Google!

04. Jul 25, 2006 at 11:58am by Anthony:

Well it’s been 5 weeks and I’ve made about 8 dollars.  To me, ~$6/month is not worth having to clutter up my site’s already-pretty-busy navigation section, so I’ve 86’d the AdSense ads.

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